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4 Creative Date Ideas November 26, 2019

East New York, Brooklyn
4 Creative Date Ideas, Brooklyn, New York

Dating is how you get to know someone. How you spend your time together is even more important than how long the date lasts. Whether it’s your first date or your fiftieth, getting out of your routine will help you bond with your loved one. If you’re looking for an activity beyond the typical restaurant dinner and cinema experience, the following ideas will spice up your next meetup.

4 Date Ideas to Bond With Someone

1. Take a Class 

Take a few minutes to list out the interests you two share and choose a class you will both enjoy. From painting to cooking or aerobics, there’s a class out there for just about everything. Use this time to pick up on a new skill as you learn about each other.

2. Go on a Hike

RestaurantHiking gets you out of the hustle and bustle of the city and leaves you alone in nature. It’s a great way to spend the day talking as you take in the fresh air. The exercise will also get your blood pumping and release feel-good endorphins, which will help you have fun.

3. Visit a Winery

Take a tour of a local winery. You can partake in some wine tasting on the scenic grounds or purchase a bottle to enjoy over a picnic with fresh fruits, meats, and cheese when you get home. There are many vineyards in New York, some of which feature museums and award-winning bottles.

4. Make it a Lunch Date

Mix up the typical dining date experience by going out to lunch instead. Choose a restaurant you’ve never been to so you can discover new places together. You could even make a game out of it by ordering dishes for each other. Who knows, the place you pick might just become your favorite date spot.


Looking for a fun restaurant for your next date? Check out Buffalo Wild Wings in New Rochelle, NY. With an energetic atmosphere and a sizable menu full of American classics, they’re the perfect sports bar to get close with your significant other. If the date doesn’t go well, their 30 flat-screen TVs are sure to keep you entertained. Explore their menu online or call (914) 637-9453 with any questions. 

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