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How to Care for Hardwood Flooring December 2, 2019

West Whitfield, Whitfield
How to Care for Hardwood Flooring, West Whitfield, Georgia

Hardwood flooring is one of the most versatile and easy to maintain flooring options out there. It fits in seamlessly with any theme or décor, and it’s durable. However, if you want to keep your hardwood floor looking like new, regular maintenance is key. Here’s what you need to know. 

Routine Cleaning

Cleaning hardwood flooring is simple. Sweep or vacuum your floors daily to eliminate dirt and debris that can lead to scratches. Follow up with a microfiber dust cloth to remove lingering dust.

Mop your floors monthly. If they see a lot of foot traffic, do so every two weeks instead. Use a microfiber mop and a cleaner made specifically for hardwood flooring.

If your floor has a sealant on it, check the label on the cleanser before using the product. When mopping, avoid using excess moisture. Put the cleaning solution in a spray bottle and mist the floor as you mop, using just enough to dampen it. When you’re done, dry it with a towel. 

Maintaining the Shine

Hardwood FlooringPolish or wax dull hardwood floors to restore their former shine. If your flooring has a waterproof sealant on it, such as urethane, it won’t be receptive to polishes. Unfinished flooring or floors with a penetrating finish, such as tung oil or unsealed wood, need to be waxed, not polished.

It’s important to know what is already on your flooring, as using the wrong product can result in slickness or an even more dull finish than when you started. If you aren’t sure, test it by scraping away a small piece of the top layer from an inconspicuous area. If you scrape up a small piece of clear material, it’s safe to go ahead and use polish. If your scraping creates a smudge but doesn’t render any clear material, your floor should be waxed. 

Choose a polishing or waxing product specifically formulated for hardwood floors. Start by making sure your floors are clean and dry. Apply the polish per the manufacturer’s instructions with a flat-head microfiber mop. Wait a day before bringing furniture back onto the floor. 

Damage Prevention 

Though hardwood floors are durable, they aren’t invincible. Always place furniture on felt pads or rugs to avoid unintentional scratches. Never drag furniture across the floor. Your floors are also susceptible to heat and UV rays, so make sure to use protective window coverings to prevent fading. 


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