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3 Situations When You Should Board Your Dog December 4, 2019

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3 Situations When You Should Board Your Dog, McKinney, Texas

There are times when boarding your dog is the best choice for both you and your pet. It’s important to keep your dog’s safety and happiness in mind when you have other important plans. Dog boarding can solve your problems and give your dog a fun place to stay while you get things done.

3 Times That Dog Boarding Is a Great Idea

1. Going on Vacation

Leaving town for vacation is the reason most people board their dogs. It might be tempting to bring your dog with you when you go, but flying can be very stressful for your pup. You’ll be able to rest easy at your destination knowing that the dog boarding facility is making sure your pooch has lots of fun.

2. Moving 

dog boardingIf you’re moving to a new home or apartment in the same area, boarding your dog for a few days will save you a lot of hassle. One reason is that your dog might get in the way while you’re packing and taking things out of your home, and the dog could even pose a safety hazard while you move heavy furniture. In addition, this big life change will probably make your dog nervous and upset. Instead of confusing them by bringing them into an empty home, you can let them play for a few days while you set up all of their toys and favorite things for them.

3. Working Late

Your dog misses you when you’re away, and they know when they should expect you when you keep a regular routine. Dogs can tell time by smell, and they’ll know if you’re not around like normal. If you’re gone a long time, they’re likely to feel some separation anxiety. Separation anxiety can cause your dog to destroy things or even hurt themselves. If you plan to be out late, consider taking your pup to a dog boarding business. They’ll get to play with other dogs, and they’ll be much less anxious by the time you’re ready to pick them up.


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