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A Guide to Children's Toys by Age February 13, 2020

Mamaroneck, Westchester
A Guide to Children's Toys by Age, Mamaroneck, New York

Shopping for children’s toys can be challenging. You want your child to be excited by them, but you also want to encourage healthy mental and physical development. Below is a handy guide to children’s toys according to their age. 

Toys for Infants

childrens toysInfants six months to a year old are learning to observe their surroundings, mimic their parents and siblings, and use their senses to explore.

Look for interactive toys that make sounds, have interesting textures, or display bright colors. Rattles, activity mats, and soft stuffed animals made of different fabrics are all perfect choices for baby toys.

Toys for Toddlers

From 12 to 36 months, your toddler will love toys that challenge their developing motor skills, language, and imagination. Younger toddlers love toys that respond to their behavior, such as instruments like a tambourine or xylophone, or a hammer and peg set with pieces that move.

As fine motor skills improve closer to 3 years of age, toddlers can complete puzzles and ride toy cars or tricycles. They also play lots of make-believe, s dolls, action figures, building blocks, or construction toys can help them take their imagination even further. 

Toys for Pre-K and Kindergarteners

As kids near this age, their attention spans are longer, and their imaginations are even bigger. It’s the perfect time to give them fun and educational toys. More complex puzzles, board games, and arts and crafts kits will nurture their creativity and problem-solving skills. 

Communication skills start to emerge around this age as well, so start your child’s love of reading early by giving them age-appropriate children’s books.

Toys for Kids Beyond Kindergarten

School-aged kids begin developing their own hobbies and preferences for children’s toys. You’ll also notice them talking about popular toys that other kids have. Science kits, video games, sporting goods, construction sets, and more complex board games are fun while still promoting healthy development.


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