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3 Tips for Using a Snow Blower November 21, 2019

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3 Tips for Using a Snow Blower, Monroe, Connecticut

Now that winter is almost here, it’s time to prepare for removing snow from your property. One of the most efficient ways to deal with snow is by using a snow blower. Here are a few tips to consider before using the machine.

3 Helpful Techniques for Using a Snow Blower

1. Pay Attention to the Wind

Always point the chute of your snow blower in the same direction as the wind. This prevents snow from drifting back onto your driveway and speeds up the removal process. Pay close attention to when the wind shifts and adjust your direction.

2. Watch Out for Obstacles 

Connecticut blowerA fresh layer of snow can hide objects like newspapers and lawn toys. If these items get sucked into your snow blower, they can jam the device and damage key components such as its augers, belts, and shear pins. Survey the area carefully and make sure it’s clear of all clutter before you use your snow blower. If an object ends up in the device, turn off the engine and try to remove it with a stick or a shovel—never reach into the chute with your hands. Take the blower to a professional if you’re unable to clear the device with relative ease.

3. Slow Down

It can be tempting to plow through the snow quickly. However, this can cause clogs, wear out the blower’s drive belts, and slow you down. The best technique for efficient snow blowing is to make sure the snow takes up about one-half of the width of the machine. In addition to being easier on the blower, this technique enables the device to throw snow farther.


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