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Motorcycle Safety Do's & Don'ts November 21, 2019

Hubbard, Hill
Motorcycle Safety Do's & Don'ts, Hubbard, Texas

While having a comprehensive motorcycle insurance policy in place protects you after an accident, there are steps you can take to preserve your safety while riding. Motorcyclists face various risks on the road—from poor conditions to distracted drivers. While you can’t always avoid accidents, these tips can help preserve your safety. 


Wear the right gear.

Wearing a helmet can save your life or greatly reduce your risk of a severe head injury. Other types of gear also help protect you from head to toe. Sturdy boots with toe protection keep feet from being injured in a crash while also providing ample ankle stability. Also, wear a jacket and pants made from tough, rugged materials to safeguard against road rash. 

Take a safety course.

If you’re a new rider, taking a safety course is an absolute must. During the course, you’ll learn about defensive driving, dealing with bad weather conditions, and how to choose the best gear. Even if you’re a seasoned rider, attending a safety course is beneficial. It may even reduce your motorcycle insurance costs. 


Ride impaired.

motorcycle insuranceDrinking and riding can be deadly. While no motorist should ever drink and get behind the wheel, riding a motorcycle while impaired is even more dangerous since you lack the protection offered by a passenger vehicle. You also shouldn’t ride while fatigued, as it can cause similar impairment as being inebriated. 

Neglect motorcycle maintenance. 

The condition of your motorcycle can also play a role in your accident risk. Before taking the motorcycle out, check the clutch and throttle to ensure they’re working correctly. You should also test both front and rear brakes to ensure they feel firm. If there are any issues, have the motorcycle serviced right away. 


Being a responsible rider takes a lot of work. Texas Brand Insurance is glad to support motorcyclists in Hubbard, TX, in their efforts to stay safe by providing comprehensive motorcycle insurance policies. They select coverage from top providers based on your specific needs. Call (254) 576-1180 to learn more about scheduling a consultation. You can also visit the website for more information on motorcycle coverage. 

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