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When to Get New Utility Trailer Parts or Repairs November 26, 2019

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When to Get New Utility Trailer Parts or Repairs, Morehead, Kentucky

Having a utility trailer can be integral to your business, as it bears heavy loads and endures long drives. As such, if your trailer is out of commission or working inefficiently due to disrepair, you can be hurting your bottom line. Routine maintenance using quality utility trailer parts installed by a professional will keep the vehicle in good working condition, but you should also know how to spot signs that it needs repairs with the following guide.

3 Signs Your Utility Trailer Needs to Be Repaired

1. Clicking Sounds

Periodically check for clicking sounds during long drives. Make sure to do this when you’re in a relatively quiet spot with the radio off. A clicking sound may indicate a loose axle that is causing some components to hit each other. The friction can cause more damage, so you should address this issue promptly.

2. Flickering Lights

When you notice flickering head or taillights, utility trailer partscheck your bulbs and replace them if needed. However, this may also indicate a loose or short circuit, which could signal an electrical issue that could affect the vehicle’s functionality overall.

3. Unresponsive Brakes

Brakes are among the most critical vehicle components for your safety. If yours are no longer responding quickly, have them repaired right away. Whenever possible, test-drive your trailer before going on a long drive to prevent any major issues in remote locations.


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