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How to Protect Your Garden From Animals December 6, 2019

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How to Protect Your Garden From Animals , New Milford, Connecticut

When growing a garden, wildlife control can be challenging. You need to find a balance between protecting your plants and keeping the animals that want to eat them safe. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent harm to both. Here’s what you need to know. 

4 Ways to Keep Your Garden Safe From Pests

1. Balance Cleanliness With Messiness 

Compost draws the attention of wild animals, so keep it out of your garden. However, refrain from being so neat that you don’t let the shrubs and grass grow naturally around the rim of your garden. The animals might be happy enough with the surrounding vegetation that they won’t risk exposing themselves to eat your homegrown vegetables or spices. 

2. Build a Fence 

wildlife controlWhether you choose wood, vinyl, bamboo, hardware cloth, or chicken wire, a fence will keep your garden safe. A 4-foot-high and 1-foot-deep fence will usually suffice for keeping animals of most sizes out of your garden. However, if you get a lot of deer, you may need to make it 8 feet tall.  

3. Use Repellents 

Although preventative wildlife control is preferable, you may need to implement a more direct approach. A foul odor or taste may be all it takes. Apply a non-toxic homemade repellent, like a mixture of water, garlic, soap, and human hair.

4. Use Scare Tactics

A good old-fashioned scarecrow can prevent animals from approaching your garden. Just make sure that you move it every day so that they don’t become accustomed to it. Frightening ornaments or motion sensor lights may do the trick, as well. Also, consider getting a pet to guard the area, like a dog. 

When you need help protecting your garden from wildlife, contact American Bio-Tech Wildlife Services in New Milford, CT. Having been a reputable nuisance wildlife removal company since 1971, they provide a number of safe, humane ways to protect homes from wild animals. To get in contact with these wildlife control experts, call them today at (860) 355-1231 or message them online

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