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Stress Management Tips for Parents November 25, 2019

Pelican Bay, Naples
Stress Management Tips for Parents, Naples, Florida

As a parent, you have a lot on your plate. Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent or are working full time while juggling after-school activities and dentist appointments, stress can overwhelm you if you aren’t careful. If you’re struggling to find a balance, try these proven stress techniques

5 Stress Techniques to Help You Calm Down

1. Reduce Your Exposure to Negativity

The amount of negative news and social media you absorb throughout the day has a significant impact on your mood. As a parent, you can reduce your stress level at home by limiting your exposure to negative posts, news, or even people. By making a conscious effort to control what affects your daily mood, you’re setting a good example for your kids that positivity always wins and can make you feel better when you’re faced with stressful situations.

2. Ask for Backup and Support

stress-technique-flA big challenge as parents is knowing when to ask for support. You don’t want to feel like a burden to someone else, but asking for back-up before your stress gets the better of you is important. When the kids won’t stop arguing or your toddler is having a bad day, reach out to a support group, friends, or family. Ask them to watch your child for a few hours, get out of the house, and give yourself time to reset. This stress technique is especially important for new parents as they transition into parenthood. 

3. Help Kids Cope 

Stress techniques practiced at home can help your kids cope with their own stress and relieve you of yours. However, they need to be taught self-regulation and take their cues from you as their parent. By remaining calm, upbeat, and constructive when faced with stress, you’ll educate your kids about how they, too, can deal with difficulties. Begin displaying this behavior when they are infants, and you’ll see it carry over to them as they begin to grow.

4. Play Music 

Commutes and traffic jams are some of the leading causes of stress for parents, especially if you’re running late to soccer practice or a doctor's appointment. When you feel yourself getting stressed out by circumstances around you, such as traffic, play your favorite music. Shifting your focus to something that makes you happy will quickly change your mood and help you deal with the traffic, or obstacle, in front of you. 

5. De-Stress Before Leaving Work

It’s easier said than done, but avoid taking your work home with you. Stress from the office can easily spill into the home, making situations tense and escalating disagreements. Instead, vent to a co-worker, boss, friend, or family member before you leave to prevent taking the negative thoughts home with you. You’ll be more clear-headed knowing you’ve left all of the stress of work in the office. 



Implementing natural stress techniques in your life can help you be a better parent. By handling your stress, you’ll be clear-headed, positive, and attentive to your kids. If you need help in your daily management of stress and frustrations, let the Peggy Sealfon-Stonewater Studio in Naples, FL, guide you. To find out how her techniques can help you at home or at work, call (239) 821-2266 or visit the website for more information. 

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