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A Guide to Stud Finders November 27, 2019

Lincoln, Lancaster
A Guide to Stud Finders, Lincoln, Nebraska

If you’re hanging a heavy picture frame, installing a new shelving unit, or performing electrical work, using a stud finder is crucial. With the help of a power drill, a stud finder ensures that decor is fully secured to the wall or you drill in the correct place the first time. Here is a helpful guide to understanding how this tool works.

Understanding Stud Finders

Why They’re Important

A stud finder helps to find the studs, or wooden beams, in the walls. Studs frame walls and create support for homes or office spaces. These beams are the perfect places to anchor heavy items that may need more support than drywall can provide by itself.

If you don’t drive the nail into a stud, the heavy object may rip the nail through the drywall because it doesn’t have a strong and secure anchor point. This can leave unsightly marks and holes in the wall or damage the heavy item if it falls. Lightweight wall art and small picture frames are OK to hang without finding a stud.

toolsHow They Work

The wooden beams inside a structure are denser than the drywall that covers them. A stud finder can sense density. It lets off a series of beeps as you drag the tool across the wall, and the beeps increase in frequency as you approach higher-density material. When you find a stud, the tone sounds continuously.

Alternatively, some tools may have an LED light that flashes when it senses a stud. When you find the edge of a beam, mark the area with a pencil mark and continue to drag the stud finder in a straight horizontal line until you hit the other edge. Noting the width of the beam gives you a clear direction of where to drill a hole and hang the piece.

Tips for Use

Some stud finders can’t sense the difference between wiring and beams. Purchasing a stud finder that can distinguish between the two helps prevent possible electrical shock. For the optimal experience, ensure that your tool is fully charged or has fresh batteries before beginning a project. Lastly, be patient and move across the wall slowly. Rushing can cause the device to work poorly.


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