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How to Talk to a Loved One About Funeral Planning November 21, 2019

Kingston, Plymouth
How to Talk to a Loved One About Funeral Planning, Kingston, Massachusetts

Discussing the last wishes of your loved one is an important yet difficult conversation to have. Talking about death and end of life arrangements makes the subject of funeral plans a tricky one to broach. Here’s a guide to help you start this conversation. 

Getting the Conversation Started

Funeral PlansSome people may be receptive to the topic, while others may be less so. In either case, it’s best to approach the discussion gently. Depending upon the dynamic of your family, you may or may not want to include other family members. Take some time to think about how your loved one may respond and which family members, if any, should be there during the conversation. 

Pick a time and place that’s appropriate for the conversation. If your loved one is uncomfortable with the topic, start with open-ended questions, such as “Have you ever thought about what kind of funeral you’d like?” or start the conversation by talking about what kind of funeral you’d want for yourself. If your loved one is receptive to the topic, you can be more direct and ask if they’ve made any funeral plans or arrangements. Once the conversation begins, listen and take mental notes. 

What to Cover In The Conversation

Know what you want to discuss before the conversation starts. Make a list of items to bring up, such as the location of their service and the type of ceremony. Allow the conversation to unfold naturally and bring up new questions when there’s a break in the talking. You’ll need to ask some direct questions to determine if they’d prefer burial or cremation, but others can be indirect. For example, for the epitaph, ask your loved one about their favorite song, quote, or poem. This can open up ideas for the headstone or other memorial monuments and markers. 

You may not get answers to every question during your first conversation about this difficult topic. Listen, move at a pace that’s comfortable for your loved one, and know when to put the conversation on hold if necessary. 


Choosing a memorial for your loved one is a tough but important part of the funeral plans. Quincy Memorials Inc in Kingston, MA, understands the delicate nature of this difficult time and will work closely with you to create the perfect memorial for your loved one. Visit their website to learn more about their services and products or call them today at (617) 471-0250.