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3 Pests That Seek Shelter in Homes During Winter November 14, 2019

Indian Village, Lincoln
3 Pests That Seek Shelter in Homes During Winter, Lincoln, Nebraska

Now that cold weather is here, many wild animals are looking for a nice, warm place to hole up for the season. Unfortunately, if your roof has problems, these pests could find a way into the house. If this happens to you, contact a roofing contractor right away. Otherwise, you could be left dealing with any of the following creatures. 

What to Know About Pest Control & Roofing in Winter 

1. Raccoons

Raccoons might look cute and cuddly from a distance, but they can cause a wide range of issues for homeowners. For example, raccoons can tear up shingles and cause damage to the fascia with their chewing. Once inside the attic, they can damage wooden beams. Raccoons also carry a risk of rabies, which poses a threat to the household as well as any pets. 

2. Squirrels

roofing contractorSquirrels can make their way through roofs by way of seemingly impossible gaps; they can even travel down uncapped chimneys in search of warmth. Squirrels are also voracious chewers; they can even chew through electrical wiring and cause major power outages. Having your home inspected by a roofing contractor will help identify any possible entry points so they can be properly corrected before any squirrels can take note.  

3. Birds

Birds may look to your roof when building their nests. For example, if a bird makes its nest in your gutter, water won’t flow off the roof properly and may lead to leaks. Even after birds have flown south for winter, their nests can still pose an issue. Birds can also make nests in other areas, including vents, which can cause problems with the ventilation in the attic and lower your indoor air quality. 


If you’re concerned about pests in your home this winter, contact a skilled roofing contractor. In Lincoln, NE, the team at Pinnacle Roofing & Siding will perform roof inspections and repairs for a wide range of issues, including missing shingles, damaged flashing, and wood rot. They also offer a 10-year warranty on all their services. Call (402) 560-0232 get started on your estimate or visit the website to learn more about how they can help.

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