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5 Airport & Flight Tips for Parents of Babies & Toddlers November 20, 2019

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5 Airport & Flight Tips for Parents of Babies & Toddlers, Lincoln, Nebraska

Traveling is an exciting experience for young children; however, the journey can be tougher on parents. Luckily, the best method for placating antsy babies, toddlers, and your fellow passengers is being prepared. From packing and riding in the airport shuttle to arriving at the gate and boarding, here’s how to navigate flying with young ones.

A Parent’s Guide to Ensuring a Smooth Flight

1. Dress for Comfort

The days of dressing up for the airport are long gone, which is for the best when it comes to bringing young children along. Prioritize comfort and convenience when dressing your baby or toddler. Easy-to-remove layers will be the safest bet as you switch between the weather outside, an air-conditioned airport shuttle, the hot tarmac, and a chilly flight.

2. Bring Entertainment

Between the ride to the airport, the wait for boarding and takeoff, and the flight itself, you’re going to have a lot of downtime. To prevent fits of boredom and keep your child happy, bring plenty of entertainment. This may include travel-friendly toys, books, and movies or mobile games downloaded onto your smart device.

3. Pack Extras 

airport shuttleWhen packing supplies, double everything. From long delays to canceled flights, there are many reasons why you might need more diapers, snacks, bottles, formula, or clothing than you expected. You don’t want to deal with the fallout of being short-handed. Fill your carry-on bag to help prepare for unforeseen circumstances in case there’s an issue with your checked luggage when you arrive. 

4. Arrive & Board Early

If you’re stressed, chances are your children will pick up on it and become upset themselves. Avoid meltdowns by arriving at the airport at least two hours early. Give yourself time to check luggage, relax, take advantage of family pre-boarding, and get situated on the plane. However, don’t arrive too early, or you’ll end up spending hours placating a fussy baby or toddler.

5. Use the Restroom Pre-Flight

In an ideal situation, your child won’t need to use the bathroom on the plane. While unlikely on longer flights, taking a bathroom break before boarding will help keep your baby or toddler content for most of the trip. Encourage toddlers who are potty trained to use the toilet, and double your baby’s diapers to prevent leaks or blowouts. With proper preparations, your family can enjoy a relatively smooth flight.


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