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4 Basic Horse Care Tips For New Owners November 27, 2019

Whiteville, Baxter
4 Basic Horse Care Tips For New Owners, Whiteville, Arkansas

If you’re planning to adopt a horse, you likely know the basics of horse care. However, it’s wise to brush up on the basics before you bring your equine friend to the stable. From what to buy at the feed store to how to groom them, these simple tips dive into how to care for your horse and keep them healthy.

A Guide to Basic Horse Care for Beginners 

1. Give Them Shelter & Space

Finding the right stable for the horse is a must. When looking for a facility, ensure that there are updated horse stalls and that the stable is protected from the elements.

The horse should also have access to plenty of grazing space. Make sure that the grazing areas are well kept and free of holes, rocks, and farm equipment. When touring various stable options, talk to other horse owners about their experience.

2. Buy the Right Feed

Nutrition is key to your horse’s overall health. Overall, horses need plenty of roughage to have a healthy digestive system and body. Make sure that they have access to quality hay to graze on during the day.

You might also opt to give them horse feed twice per day. The professionals at the local feed store can help you choose the right product for your horse’s needs.

3. Find a Trusted Vet

feed storeAs with any pet, horses need regular vet care throughout their lives. Find a vet that specializes in equine health to perform checkups on your horse. They will check your horse’s vital signs, including pulse, respiration, and body temperature.

The vet can also recommend whether you are purchasing the right products from the feed store and how much food to give the horse. You also want to have a vet to call if the horse is injured while in the pasture or while you’re riding them.

4. Practice Proper Grooming

You will need to groom the horse before and after riding. Basic grooming includes brushing their coat, tail, and mane, as well as picking their hooves. This will keep dirt out of their hair and hooves.

You should also give them regular baths with a hose and horse soap. A quality grooming spray and also keep their coat shiny and attractive. Keep in mind that the grooming process might be more involved if you plan to show the horse. 


If you need feed, horse tack, and other supplies for your equine companion, visit the team at Gregg Farm Services. Located in Gassville, AR, this local store offers farm equipment, gardening supplies, and farrier supplies. This feed store also supplies a variety of food options for livestock. Whether you are a farmer running a business or a passionate home gardener, this knowledgeable team will help you find what you need. Visit them online to learn more about their inventory, or call (870) 481-5165 with any questions.

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