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4 Reasons to Have Your Home Inspected Before Selling November 22, 2019

Huntington, Huntington
4 Reasons to Have Your Home Inspected Before Selling, Huntington, New York

Selling a home can be a long process, especially for a homeowner who's itching to move into their new property. That's why many want to get through it as quickly as possible. However, one step no seller should skip is getting a home inspection. While adding one more item to the selling process may seem like it'll slow it down, this step is very beneficial for the following reasons.

The Benefits of a Pre-Sell Home Inspection

1. Peace of Mind

The last thing you want is to have a buyer ready to sign, only to discover issues when they hire their own building inspector. This gives them more power in the negotiations, or may even force them to walk away entirely. Getting a property condition assessment before they come to the table ensures you know exactly where you stand.

2. Accurate Pricing

Home InspectionOne of the keys to getting your home off the market is pricing it correctly, and a home inspector helps you do that by detailing the value. Home inspections identify any problem areas around the property, which enables you to set the price at a rate that minimizes the back and forth between you and the buyer.

3. Maximized Profits

If you schedule a home inspection far enough in advance, you'll have time to make necessary repairs. Often, correcting any issues that are found during the inspection ends up getting you more money, because it raises the overall property value and allows you to set a higher asking price.

4. Faster Selling Process

Many buyers get cold feet when they fear there are undiagnosed problems with the property. This can be avoided by showing them the results of the inspection. Knowing what condition the home is in helps facilitate the selling process because there are fewer hurdles to clear with the buyer.


If you’re thinking about selling your home, make sure your first call is to New Home Inspectors in Huntington Station, NY. With over 30 years of experience, this locally owned and operated company has performed numerous home inspections for property owners throughout Long Island. They have the experience needed to diagnose any potential issues and give both you and the buyer peace of mind when closing the deal. Request a report by calling (631) 368-1800 or learn more about their services online.
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