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4 FAQ About Home Heating Oil November 28, 2019

Wethersfield, Hartford County
4 FAQ About Home Heating Oil, Wethersfield, Connecticut

A home furnace heated by fuel oil offers a dependable supply of warm air to keep your house cozy and comfortable. However, since oil heat sources are different than electric furnaces or traditional boilers, people often have questions about fuel oil, how it works, and its safety and effectiveness. To better understand these subjects, review the answers to some frequently asked questions about this fuel type.

Common Questions About Home Heating Oil

What is heating oil made of?

Fuel oil used for home heating purposes is liquid petroleum with a low level of viscosity. It's a diesel product, and it's similar to the type of diesel used as motor fuel.

Is fuel oil safe?

fuel oilYes. A small spill on your skin or the floor surrounding your furnace can be cleaned with soap and water, and the heating elements inside the furnace are designed with safety as the highest priority. However, it's important to remember that fuel oil is still petroleum and needs to be handled with care. It should never be ingested, and proper furnace ventilation is essential, so you shouldn't store fuel oil in an enclosed space. Also, your home must have working carbon monoxide detectors.

How does fuel oil heat the home?

A heating oil furnace burns fuel to generate a fire, which creates the heat that's circulated throughout your home. When the thermostat engages your furnace, the fuel pump draws oil through the fuel filter into the burner. The burner changes the oil into a spray, which mixes with air and ignites in the combustion chamber. The heat exchanger absorbs the heat before the blower sends the warm air throughout the ductwork and into the home.

Can fuel oil expire?

It can. If you anticipate having your fuel supply on hand for at least a year, consult with your provider to see if there's a recommended additive to keep the oil stable. For example, biocide will prevent water and biological growth in the oil.


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