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How Winter Affects a Car's Transmission November 20, 2019

Canarsie, Brooklyn
How Winter Affects a Car's Transmission, Brooklyn, New York

Auto repair and maintenance needs change with the seasons. Winter can be especially detrimental to your vehicle, especially if it damages the transmission. The following guide will explain what cold weather can do to your vehicle and how to keep it in good condition throughout the winter.

Cold Weather Effects

As the temperature drops, the parts in your transmission can shrink, causing them to loosen and wear out faster. The seals keeping these parts in their proper positions can also shrink and harden, resulting in transmission fluid leaks and increased wear from friction and heat damage.

Even if your transmission doesn’t sustain winter-related leaks, its moving components can still wear out quickly because of thickened fluid. Cold temperatures cause vehicle fluids to lose their viscosity, which can also result in insufficient gear lubrication and premature wear and tear. You may notice shifting problems if this is the case.

Water presents another wintertime transmission issue you must avoid. If melted snow or water from puddles enters the transmission’s loosened gaskets, the liquid will freeze and expand, cracking the valve body, case, and other components. Your transmission will need replacing if excessive cracks develop.

How to Maintain Your Transmission This Winter

auto repairKeep your transmission operational year round by getting the fluid replaced this fall by a licensed mechanic. Request synthetic transmission fluid since it’s designed to withstand colder temperatures.

Ask your auto repair team to check the transmission for leaks and any other issues, such as broken pan gaskets, that can compromise its ability to function. Store your vehicle in a climate-controlled garage to keep it temperate. If you get stuck in the snow, have your car pushed or towed instead of running the wheels or rocking it back and forth, which can cause snow to enter the transmission and other internal components. 


Schedule transmission services with Puma’s Auto Care in Brooklyn, NY, before winter takes over. The licensed mechanics at this auto repair center adhere to the highest service standards to keep your car in excellent condition. Call (718) 272-6306 today to make an appointment or learn more about auto repair services online.

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