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How to Care for a Genuine Leather Product November 27, 2019

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How to Care for a Genuine Leather Product, Jacksonville East, Florida

Leather is a popular material for both outerwear and accessories because it’s stylish, warm, and durable. Even though leather is built to last, you still need to care for it. Proper habits will extend its life span and ensure you don’t damage it while trying to maintain it. 

5 Steps to Care for Your Leather Products

1. Avoid Extended Contact With Sunlight

Outerwear like a leather jacket will be fine if you walk outside on a sunny day. However, never wear leather for hours in harsh sunlight or leave your products outside or near sunlit windows. It will dry out the material, causing it to become brittle and shriveled, which can lead to cracking and peeling.

2. Don’t Store in Humid Areas

If your closet or dresser gets outerwear damp, they’re not good places to leave a leather jacket, wallet, belt, bag, or other product. Moisture and humidity can cause mold to grow on the material. The same can happen if you store it in plastic. You may think you’re protecting it, but doing so takes away the airflow needed to ward off mildew.

3. Avoid Sharp Objects

Once leather is scratched and torn, there’s no way to fix it. Keep keys, pens, letter openers, screwdrivers, and other sharp objects away from your leather.

4. Add Moisture With Dressing or Cream

If your leather is beginning to dry out, reverse the process by adding dressing or cream. Try contacting the product’s manufacturer to see what brand they recommend. The amount and frequency depend on the product, but don’t use it too often. Aim for no more than once a month.

5. Brush Dirt off Once a Week

Use a moist, not soaked, cloth to wipe the dust off your leather products once a week. Don’t use soap, or you risk causing the material to crack and peel. As for drying, let air do the work in a room-temperature location. Drying it by fires or other heat sources can also cause cracking.


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