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3 Signs You Need Backflow Well Inspection November 19, 2019

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3 Signs You Need Backflow Well Inspection, Walton, Missouri

If you have a water well on your property, scheduling regular backflow device inspections helps prevent contamination. Backflow refers to the process of water flowing in the opposite direction than it should, a serious change that can cause pollutants to enter your water supply. Here are some indications that it’s time to have a water well maintenance technician assess your backflow device.

When Do You Need Backflow Well Inspections?

1. Dripping Water

It’s not normal for water to drip continuously from the backflow device. If it’s leaking, inspect the rubber washer seal for signs of deterioration. This is a simple fix that helps lock in moisture. However, if the head assembly is improperly installed, it could cause an increase in internal pressure. Water ultimately squeezes out of the relief holes to prevent too much pressure on the actual device.

2. Sulfuric Odor

water well maintenanceIf your household water supply smells like rotten eggs, there’s likely hydrogen sulfide present. The bacteria can create slime, which in turn can promote the growth of other contaminants. They can even block the pipes and cause clogs in the well. If you notice a smell or discover dark stains on your plumbing fixtures, contact a water well maintenance professional promptly. The dark hue is a sign of gas pollution, so act fast.

3. Unusual Color

Water should only ever look clear. If it appears yellow, brown, or pink, it’s likely contaminated. Different shades point to different pollutants. A pinkish hue, for example, can occur if there’s an excess of potassium permanganate, while brown water may indicate too much iron or manganese. Since it’s not safe to consume contaminated water, have your water well maintenance technician check the supply at the first sign of a change.


Homeowners throughout Potosi, MO, trust in the professionals at Marshall Eye Jr. Water Well Drilling & Repair Service for their water well maintenance needs. Serving the community since 1959, the company offers a wide range of services, including well repairs and inspections, water well drilling, and hydrofracking. Visit the website for information, or call (314) 541-6239 to schedule an appointment.

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