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FAQ About SR-22 Insurance November 22, 2019

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FAQ About SR-22 Insurance, Lincoln, Nebraska

While most drivers follow the rules of the road, there may be times when they fall short. Getting multiple traffic violations or being charged with DUI can result in getting your driver’s license suspended. Your auto insurance carrier may also drop you. Still, you need coverage to get back on track. This is where SR-22 provides a path to recovery. Here are answers to frequently asked questions about how this insurance alternative works.

4 FAQ About SR-22

1. What is it?

It is an official certificate showing proof that a driver has the minimum amount of auto insurance coverage in their state. The document is issued by an insurance company to the Department of Motor Vehicles on behalf of their client. The DMV requires SR-22 before an individual’s suspended driver’s license is reinstated.

2. Who needs it?

SR-22Drivers who have been arrested or convicted for certain offenses that resulted in a license suspension need SR-22. Some of the most common offenses are driving under the influence and acquiring multiple traffic violations. If you were charged with causing an accident and didn’t have auto insurance at the time, the offense can also result in needing this coverage. 

3. How much does it cost?

An SR-22 certificate will typically cost more than most standard auto insurance policies. That’s because the driver is considered high-risk by insurance companies due to their serious driving violations. However, if you maintain your SR-22 during the driver’s license suspension period, you may be eligible for cheaper coverage afterward. 

4. How long do I have to keep SR-22?

The term depends on the state and the traffic violation. It can vary between three to five years. However, if you cancel or fail to renew your SR-22, your driver’s license will be suspended again and you’ll have to start the reinstatement process over.


If you’ve lost your driver’s license and want to get back on track, Allstar Insurance is here to help. The Lincoln, NE-based agency provides SR-22 to individuals who have been dropped by their prior auto insurance provider. Count on working with an experienced and friendly agent who will walk you through the process—in a judgment-free and welcoming environment. To learn more and receive a free quote, call (402) 477-0900. Visit the website for details on other insurance options.

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