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4 Signs of a Quality Day Care November 25, 2019

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4 Signs of a Quality Day Care, Texarkana, Texas

Starting day care is an important turning point in a child’s life. Often, it’s the first time many parents leave their children for long periods. You want to be confident they’re in a safe, stimulating environment that will set them on the right path toward future success. The guide below explains some of the qualities to look for when considering which program to enroll them in.

What to Look for in a Day Care

1. Skilled Caregivers

Caregivers will play an important role in your child’s day. Make sure the center has a qualified team. They’ll often have degrees in early childhood education and should be state-certified. It’s also worth taking your child in to meet the staff before enrollment to see if they have a natural rapport with the teachers.

2. A Unique Curriculum

day-care-wake-villageEvery day care center offers a different curriculum and teaching style. For example, some may maintain a traditional “classroom” design; others may use multi-media and hands-on learning. Consider what you want for your child and what they’ll best respond to.

3. A Safe Environment

The day care should have secure facilities to keep children from wandering off or strangers from entering. Not only should there be a high student-to-caretaker ratio to make sure everyone is monitored, but staff should have CPR and first aid training. Cleanliness is also a factor in a child’s well-being. Pay attention to small details like whether the toys everyone is given to play with are clean.

4. Convenient Hours

Often, parents leave children at day care while they are at work. However, many learning centers close before standard office hours end. Look for a place that offers extended hours so it doesn’t conflict with your job’s schedule.


If you’re looking for a day care in Bowie County, TX, contact Wake Village Playskool. They’ve created a stimulating, safe environment for children since 1977. This learning center welcomes those between the ages of six weeks and 12 years and offers extended hours to help accommodate parents with busy schedules. Call (903) 838-5424 to speak with a representative and visit their website to learn more about their curriculum.

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