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3 Proactive Ways to Prevent Rodent Infestation November 19, 2019

West Columbia, Lexington
3 Proactive Ways to Prevent Rodent Infestation, Lexington, South Carolina

With winter on the horizon, many rodents will look for places to keep them warm. They may even move indoors, where they can damage your home's structure and finishings and leave behind dirt and bacteria. The following pest control steps will help you reduce the risk of an infestation this season.

How to Prevent Rodents From Appearing

1. Identify Possible Access Points

Start combing the inside of your home for any holes in the floors and walls. First, check under your fridge, stove, fireplace, and any other place where you might suspect a rat could easily access your home. Their sharp teeth can chew through most materials, including your house insulation, wood, or wiring.

Check any hard-to-reach locations to see if there are any possible entry points. Use a flashlight to inspect hidden corners in your attic, basement, and drain pipes. Examine your roof for any damage that might allow rodents to enter, as rats can use their climbing ability to scale a tree branch and infiltrate your house.

2. Seal Your Home Properly

Pest-Control-Lexington-County-SCRodents are very agile, as they can fit through a ¼ inch hole. After thoroughly checking, seal all small holes by filling them with steel wool and placing caulk around it to hold the wool in place. If the crack is substantial, use metal sheeting. You can find this in any local hardware store.

3. Keep Food Sources Clean

Rodents are not picky eaters and can find food anywhere. Prevent calling pest control by making that search harder for them. Never leave your food lying around your home. Pack it in thick metal containers, and seal the lids tightly, preventing the smell from escaping.

Also, clean any spilled food right away, and wash your dishes directly after you've used them. Clean grills or any other outdoor cooking appliances after use, as well. Immediately tie up a full trash bag, and throw it away in a dumpster. You must also prevent any food or trash buildup in your home, as the smell will attract unwanted visitors.


If you're concerned about rodent problems this winter, trust All State Construction to provide quality pest control services. They've worked with residents of Lexington County, SC, since 1964 and understand the challenges their customers face this time of year. They provide a variety of services to treat and prevent infestations and repair the damage rodents and insects cause. Schedule an appointment with a specialist today by calling (803) 359-2364.

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