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4 Tips to Heat Your Home Affordably November 25, 2019

Woodland Park, Passaic
4 Tips to Heat Your Home Affordably , Woodland Park, New Jersey

Your home’s furnace works hard to keep your indoor spaces warm and comfortable. However, if it isn’t working efficiently, you may notice an increase in energy expenses. Fortunately, there are easy ways to improve efficiency, prevent the need for heating contractor repairs, and save money on your bills. Here’s what you should know.

How to Save on Winter Heating

1. Switch the Direction of Ceiling Fans 

During the winter season, switch the direction of your ceiling fans so they spin clockwise. This will draw cool air upward and push warm air to the sides of the room, redistributing heat throughout the space. Run your fans at low speeds to prevent windchill effects. 

2. Let in Sunlight

heating contractorOpen your curtains and blinds during the daytime to allow sunlight into your home. Doing so will warm up the space naturally and prevent your heating system from overworking, lowering your monthly energy expenses. However, don’t forget to close them at night to keep out cold air. 

3. Seal & Caulk Gaps 

Drafty doors and windows bring cool air into your home, leading to heat loss. Seal any gaps around windows with caulk, and add weatherstripping beneath the doors. Additionally, seal your attic vents and range hood with insulated coverings. Finally, put in spray foam insulation throughout the house to keep warm air in. 

4. Schedule Maintenance 

Schedule a maintenance appointment with a heating contractor. They’ll recalibrate your thermostat, change the filter, remove obstructions, fix leaks, and clean out your duct system to ensure that your furnace runs efficiently and monthly expenses are affordable.


Stay warm and cozy in your home all winter long with maintenance from Prestige Air Heating & Cooling. For over 15 years, these A/C and heating contractors have provided HVAC repairs and installations to residential and commercial clients throughout Woodland Park, NJ. Call (973) 500-4040 to get a quote on central heating and air solutions in Passaic County, and visit the website to learn more about this American Standard® HVAC dealer. 

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