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Do’s & Don’ts for Getting Better Gas Mileage November 14, 2019

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Do’s & Don’ts for Getting Better Gas Mileage, ,

Most people drive at least 50 minutes per day. Whether or not you relish being on the open road or get frustrated by a traffic-heavy commute, drivers everywhere don’t want to pay more for gas than they have to. How you handle your vehicle can make a difference in how quickly it goes through gas. Therefore, practice the following auto care tips in order to save.


Keep a steady speed.

Speeding and driving aggressively overwork engine components, especially when you slam on the gas and cause quick, sudden accelerations. Sitting in an unmoving car also demands a lot of energy from your engine, which negatively affects your gas mileage efficiency.

By contrast, smoothly increasing speed and staying at a reasonable rate will put less stress on the vehicle, not only helping you save gas money, but also avoid potential accidents. Therefore, try to avoid busy high-commute times and tailgating whenever possible.

Get oil & filter changes.

auto careDirty filters will clog injectors and interfere with your vehicle’s performance. Old oil gets thicker, preventing it from lubricating the engine effectively. Therefore, have a professional perform these auto care tasks according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Ask them about using synthetic oil as well—since it keeps its viscosity better than traditional engine oil.


Overload the car.

Heavier vehicles need more power to move, which means more gas. The way the weight is distributed also makes a difference. For example, overloading the rack on the roof is worse than packing the inside of the car, so avoid using that space when possible. Furthermore, don’t travel with items you don’t need.

Neglect your tires.

Having tires inflated to the proper psi guarantees a smoother ride, which, in turn, results in better gas mileage. It also lowers the risk of flats and blowouts and prolongs your tire treads. Since they are prone to deflating in cold temperatures, measure their pressure every couple of weeks and compare it to what is specified in the owner’s manual. Keep in mind over-inflating them can also have negative consequences. 


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