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3 Factors to Mull Over Before Building a Store November 20, 2019

Russellville, Pope
3 Factors to Mull Over Before Building a Store, Russellville, Arkansas

Breaking ground on your first store is an exciting accomplishment; it’s also a significant endeavor, so you must set clear goals. Use these commercial construction tips to streamline your planning efforts. You’ll save time, money, and hassle.

3 Factors You Must Consider Before Starting a Commercial Construction Project

1. Location

Get your store location site surveyed before moving forward. Check for floodplains, underground oil drums, old plumbing lines, and anything else that can present a hazard or impede the commercial construction process. Also, commission a title check to ensure the current owner is the sole owner and property comes without liens, unpaid taxes, and other debts.

commercial-construction-russellville-arFinally, make certain the location appeals to your target audience. Review your sales history if necessary, and compare it to the types of customers that frequent the area around and near your commercial construction lot. Your selection must also offer easy accessibility from roads, highways, and sidewalks. If the traffic count is low in your chosen site, look elsewhere.

2. Legal Aspects

Avoid legal issues resulting in commercial construction fees and delays by applying for a building permit and adhering to all related regulations. If you want to build in Russellville, AR, you’ll need to apply for a permit with the City of Russellville, which requires answering questions about the type of work and whether you want to build in a historic district. You may be asked to obtain other permits, depending on your project type, such as a floodplain development permit or grading and drainage permit.

3. Floor Plan

Work with your commercial construction team to create a floor plan that allows customers to move through your store effortlessly. Review layouts, such as a straight floor plan, where racks or shelves are arranged in straight lines for optimal traffic movement or a free-flow plan that allows you to position racks and other displays however you wish. Shoppers get to meander around the store instead of walking in predetermined lines with this layout. Other standard store layouts include angular, geometric, and racetrack.


Realize your commercial construction vision with services from Keener Construction Co. The commercial and industrial construction company has provided Central and Northwest Arkansas business owners with reliable, creative services from experienced contractors since 1972. Whether yours is a new construction or remodeling project, call (479) 968-5338 for a free estimate today. Visit the website for more information, and like the Facebook page for additional tips.

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