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3 Reasons December Is a Great Time for Tree Stump & Storm Clean-Up November 21, 2019

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3 Reasons December Is a Great Time for Tree Stump & Storm Clean-Up, Brookfield, Connecticut

December is a wonderful time to hire a landscaper to clean up your home or business. Despite the cold weather, there are advantages to removing tree stumps and fixing storm damage. If you’re wondering whether a lawn care service can help you during this season, here are a few reasons to hire one. 

3 Reasons to Hire a Landscaper in December 

1. Prevents Accidents 

landscaperIf you have trees with dead or dying branches or trunks, they present a safety hazard. December storms can be windy, and snow can accumulate on trees that can’t handle the weight. Too much snow can cause the branches to break off or the tree to fall down, which can damage nearby property or injure someone. A landscaper can prune the weak branches or have the entire tree removed if necessary. They can also help with yard cleanup if a tree falls or breaks after a storm. 

2. Promotes Yard Health 

After a tree has been cut down, the stump may continue to absorb nutrients from the water and soil. This often means that the healthy plants and trees in the area aren’t receiving the proper nutrition. It also takes up space that you could use for something else, such as furniture, additional plants, or a patio and walkways. Getting rid of the stump in December is ideal for ensuring that the soil doesn’t suffer adverse effects, since it will be frozen. With a landscaper’s help, the tree stump can be removed so that the rest of the yard can flourish.  

3. Lower Costs 

Most people hire landscapers for lawn maintenance, yard cleanup, and other projects at other times of the year. During the winter, there’s less demand for them, so their rates are usually lower. It’s also easier to remove problematic trees when the leaves are gone, which is another reason the service tends to be cheaper in December.  


If you’re ready to talk to a landscaper about cleaning up the yard for your home or business this December, contact A to Z Property Maintenance, LLC in Brookfield, CT. They’ll use their 25 years of lawn maintenance experience to remove tree stumps, clean up after storms, and perform other landscaping services. You can even discuss landscape ideas for when the weather gets warmer. To invite them over, call them today at (203) 775-9174 or send a message online

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