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3 Ways Windows Are Scratched November 18, 2019

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3 Ways Windows Are Scratched, Rochester, New York

Though glass can hold up to a lot, it’s still susceptible to scratches. A scratch on window glass is an eyesore that’s hard not to notice. Though scratches aren’t typically a reason for glass replacement, they can make a window much less appealing. Whether you’re trying to figure out where the scratch came from or trying to prevent new scratches, consider these possible sources. 

3 Reasons for Scratches on Glass

1. Subcontractors

If you’ve had work done on your house recently, i.e. painting or roofing, there are a lot of ways your glass may become inadvertently scratched. Ladders are one of the biggest reasons for scratches. If a worker leans a ladder against the window, the weight and movement can easily cause scratches. Tools resting against the window can result in scratches if the metal makes contact with the glass. Tile contractors wiping tile grout off glass and masons who accidentally smear mortar on your window may also be responsible.  

2. Dust & Debris

Glass ReplacementIf dust and debris were present during the glass tempering process, it can fuse to the surface. When the glass is cleaned, this hardened debris dislodges and drags along the glass, leaving scratches.

3. Abrasive Cleaners & Scraping

Window scratches are often the result of improper cleaning techniques or equipment. There are several ways windows can become scratched while being cleaned. Powdered cleansers can scratch windows, as can steel wool and other abrasive items like scouring pads.  If someone tried to remove tough dirt or adhesives with razor blades or window scrapers, scratches might be left behind. 


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