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Scaling in CrossFit November 8, 2019

Elk River, Sherburne
Scaling in CrossFit, Elk River, Minnesota

One of the most valuable aspects of CrossFit is that it is infinitely scalable. 

(For those unfamiliar with CrossFit, scaling is where we modify the exercise to the appropriate level for each individual.)  I know that many of us have previous injuries and scale the wods every day.  Continuing to train through issues can promote healing and reduce recovery time.  I love to see the “Never Give Up” attitude in action. 

Recently Ben J. underwent knee surgery, came back to class as soon as possible and scaled where necessary – even participating in the Open.  He has maintained his fitness level and his recovery is ahead of schedule.

Jay A. had a stem cell procedure on his knee.  He has been in class scaling and changing exercises where necessary.  He’s been doing lots of rehab and has been working hard on the other parts of his body.

Rachael B. has fallen out of a truck and gotten crushed by a horse – fractured bone in wrist and two fractured as well as two possible fractures in the transverse processes of her spine.  (Rough couple of weeks!) I don’t think she missed a class.  She has been training the whole time, scaling of course, within the limitations of her doctor’s advice.  Beast mode for sure!  I expect her doctors will be amazed.

I am such a strong believer in getting back on the horse and staying there.  (side note-I think Rachael is selling that particular horse J)  Congratulations to these people for setting the bar and proving that scaling works.  I’m sure there are many more of you with issues that you are working through.  Stay positive, stay strong and never give up!  And, don’t be afraid to scale.  It works. J



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