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3 Signs Your Water Well Is Going Dry January 6, 2020

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3 Signs Your Water Well Is Going Dry, Bremerton, Washington

A water well provides cost-effective access to a fresh, mineral-rich water supply. However, you’re often at the mercy of the water table. Droughts and other environmental factors can cause the well to temporarily or permanently go dry. It’s important to recognize the below signs of a dry well to ensure you secure a continuous and clean water supply system for your home. 

How to Tell If Your Water Well Is Going Dry

1. Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure can be related to a number of plumbing issues. If you notice that your showers and faucets are becoming increasingly weak, have a well maintenance professional check you well. They can also look at your well pump, drains, piping, and other components that may be contributing to the low pressure. Sometimes, system damage or water pockets in the well are the cause.

2. Sputtering Faucets

water wellSputtering faucets often mean that there isn’t an ample amount of water in the supply to draw from. First, check that there aren’t air pockets in your system. These pockets can be caused by temporary drops in water levels. If not, a well maintenance professional will perform a probe to check the health of your well and the water it’s drawing from.

3. Muddy Water

When mud, sediment, and other particles flow from your faucet, it means there isn’t much left in your well. These materials can be harmful to ingest, especially if they’ve been contaminated with pesticides, animal waste, and other toxins. If water quality improves, schedule water testing before using your supply.


For all your water well needs, contact Coolwater Drilling. This well drilling company has served Bremerton, WA, for over 40 years. They provide comprehensive services, include pump and well repairs, installations, site prep, and water testing. Call (360) 830-9005 to speak with a representative and visit their website to explore their full scope of work.

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