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4 Popular Beer Styles You Need to Know November 21, 2019

Lakeville, Dakota
4 Popular Beer Styles You Need to Know, Lakeville, Minnesota

A cold mug or bottle of beer continues to be the beverage of choice for many people. To accommodate this demand, craft beer breweries and other manufacturers continue to create new flavors every year. Here are some of the most popular beer styles on the market today. 

4 Beer Styles in Hot Demand

1. India Pale Ale

This beer offers an intriguing blend of bitter and sweet thanks to the type of hops used and its fermentation process. When the yeast used to create an India Pale Ale (IPA) ferments, it rises to the top of the beer. That settling provides an environment for a higher alcohol content, which produces a more robust taste. Craft breweries are also able to infuse hops in IPAs to complement seasonal demand, including chocolate and black, as well as caramel malt.

2. Porter

Dark and rich, many Porters have tasty hints of toffee, coffee, and cherry. The malted barley used to create this popular beer can provide a robust kick. Considered an ale, some varieties have a smoother composition based on the amount of yeast content. These styles tend to have a caramel flavor and are less bitter.

3. Stout

craft beerBeer enthusiasts may argue that Stouts and Porters have similar tastes. They share many ingredients, including dark grains that produce coffee and chocolate flavors. At some craft beer breweries, the fermentation process for Stout may yield a stronger and bitter outcome, compared to a Porter. 

4. Wheat Beer

To be considered “wheat beer,” this ale must have at least 50% of wheat in its production. Light and refreshing, the beverage uses ale yeast, which can result in a cloudy appearance. The Germans are known to make some top versions; there are also American and Bavarian flavors that are just as popular.


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