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5 Tips for Moving With Pets November 22, 2019

5 Tips for Moving With Pets, Orange Beach, Alabama

Moving requires planning and organization to ensure all of your belongings are carefully transported. If you have pets, the transition can be stressful, and knowing some simple ways to make it easier on your animals will make the difference. Below are five tips from a professional moving company to keep in mind.

How to Move With Pets

1. Safeguard Your Pets

Moving can put a lot of stress on animals. If taking them to a friend or day care is not an option, try to keep them in a quiet area far from the main activity while the moving company packs your items. Leave food, water, and toys with them, and check on them periodically.

2. Pack a Necessities Bag

Prepare a separate bag that contains pet necessities such as food, toys, grooming equipment, and anything else that will keep your furry friends happy and comfortable. This will make it easier on you during the initial stages of unpacking when all items may not be as accessible.

3. Call Your Vet

moving-company-Foley-ALYour vet can offer valuable information for keeping your pet stress-free, such as tips for keeping them calm and safe during the transition. Contacting your vet is also recommended if you are leaving your town and need to transport records and medication lists to your new area.

4. Keep Them With You

Make sure your pets travel with you and not the moving company to the new house. Secure them in a carrier or kennel, so they don’t try to jump out and explore your new neighborhood when you arrive. Also, time the transition so that the movers have already unloaded before your pet arrives so they don’t feel overwhelmed.

5. Allow for Adjustment

Pets need time to adjust to their new abode. Introduce them to the place by showing them one room at a time. Try to spend a day or two with them after the move so that they begin to feel safe in your new space. Be sure to set up their toys and comforting items immediately so that the house feels familiar.


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