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Why Wheel Alignment Is Important In Winter November 15, 2019

East Franklin, Armstrong
Why Wheel Alignment Is Important In Winter, East Franklin, Pennsylvania

Each vehicle comes with specific wheel alignment, or positioning, settings. When you drive over potholes, hit curbs, or navigate challenging terrain, the thrown-off alignment results in handling issues and uneven tire wear. Here, learn why proper wheel alignment is an even more important auto maintenance task when the weather turns frigid.

Why You Need Wheel Alignment for Winter Auto Maintenance

It Helps You Stay Safe On Icy Roads

Winter conditions frequently leave roads slick with ice and snow. This weather increases the risk of your car sliding and potentially getting in an accident. Your vehicle pulls to the left or the right when the wheels aren’t aligned, causing handling problems that make it difficult to regain control on icy, snowy roads. Schedule auto maintenance now to navigate icy roads with greater ease and improve winter driving safety.

It Puts Less Stress On Tires

auto maintenanceYou may switch your summer tires for winter versions every year. Winter tires feature softer rubber to provide extra traction on snowy and icy roads. However, the malleable material also wears down faster. Wheel misalignment makes soft winter tires wear out at an accelerated rate, which compromises your safety and your wallet. Alignment services help winter tires wear evenly instead of potentially blowing out before the season is over.

It Increases Fuel Efficiency

When you schedule wheel alignment service before winter arrives, you’re saving on tire replacements as well as gas. Misaligned tires have higher rolling resistance, or more aerodynamic drag, that decreases fuel efficiency while increasing wear and tear. Since you may keep heavy items in your trunk during winter such as extra snow tires or salt for traction, drag will worsen without wheel alignment services and cause you to visit the gas pump more often.


Take your vehicle to Arizona Auto Repair & Towing in Adrian, PA, to get your wheels aligned before winter hits. The auto maintenance center has served the Tri-State area since 2007 and provides two-year, 24,000-mile warranties on services from ASE Master Technicians. Call (724) 868-2886 today to schedule wheel alignment or visit the auto center online for more service information.