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3 Useful Tips for Selecting a Commercial Oven November 15, 2019

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3 Useful Tips for Selecting a Commercial Oven, Maryland Heights, Missouri

Every restaurant owner knows businesses can’t thrive without a reliable oven. When looking to replace a broken appliance, or upgrading to a larger model, the right kitchen equipment determines the flow of the entire business. Here are a few ideas for purchasing a new appliance.

What to Consider in a New Commercial Oven

1. Type of Fuel

Gas-fired ovens heat quicker, and shut down almost immediately, allowing better control over the appliance when several items must be cooked at differing temperatures. They are also the best choice for moist cooking and baking, and usually work during a power outage.

A fan in electric ovens disperses the heat evenly through the chamber, which allows for dependable baking times and consistent heat distribution through the entire dish.

2. Budget

OvenElectric appliances tend to be less expensive during the initial installation. However, gas will cost less on the monthly bill. A restaurant with both types has the advantage of baking in gas and cooking in electric, reducing the energy bill slightly.

3. Space

Plan the number of appliances according to the amount of physical space, the menu, and the number of customers. It may benefit you to purchase several smaller ovens so multiple dishes can cook at the same time, but if a lot of the cooking is prepped ahead of time, larger ovens will work.


The experts at Lindbergh Commercial Services, in Maryland Heights, MO, understand how important an oven is to a restaurant or bakery. Our repair specialists can fix any issue quickly, so businesses can get up and running again as soon as possible. Since 2006, we have repaired freezers, coolers, and ice machines all over the Metro Saint Louis area. Since issues can arise at any moment, we offer 24- hour service. Call (314) 731-0404 to talk to a representative or visit us online to learn more about our services.

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