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Why You Should Hire Professional Painters January 6, 2020

Handley, Fort Worth
Why You Should Hire Professional Painters, Fort Worth, Texas

Want to completely transform your house without spending much money? Giving the walls—or even the ceiling—a new coat of paint can lend your rooms an entirely new atmosphere. However, while some owners might be inspired to take on this home improvement project themselves, the following guide explains why it is better to leave the job in professional hands. 

3 Reasons to Hire a Painting Company

1. Quality of Work

A professional contractor will know the best techniques for applying even coats of paint, how to work around doorways and window frames, and how to properly use painters tape for a smooth, clean finish around your trim. Your contractor can also repair any drywall damage beforehand, giving you a smooth wall and unnoticeable patchwork.

2. Experienced & Insured Professionals

home improvementLicensed and properly trained painters benefit from access to the proper tools for the job—many of which would be hard to come by as a homeowner, at least cheaply. They also have invaluable experience on other similar projects, so they know how to, for example, best paint a ceiling without it dripping. Ask them about their credentials or to see photos of their past home improvement work.

You should also confirm that they have insurance that will cover any home damage or workers’ compensation should an accident occur. 

3. Done in a Timely Manner

It can take several hours to paint one room—not including the prep work like removing the furniture, laying out tarps, and applying painters’ tape. This timeline can also expand if the room is exceptionally large or you want a more complex design utilizing multiple shades. Rather than try to find time in your already busy schedule, arrange with a painting company to have them do the project over a weekend or while you’re at work. 


Home improvement projects can be time-consuming, so when it comes to painting your home’s interior, leave that to the professionals at A & A Drywall in Fort Worth, TX. For more than 25 years, this family-owned and operated company has been providing custom paint jobs and drywall repairs for both residential and commercial properties around the area. To request an estimate, give them a call today at (817) 451-9400. Visit them online for more information about their capabilities.

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