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3 Fact to Know Before Getting a Dental Filling November 14, 2019

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3 Fact to Know Before Getting a Dental Filling, Thomasville, North Carolina

If you have evidence of decay in any of your teeth, your dentist will likely recommend a filling. Fillings are a common dental procedure that should be easy and pain-free. If you’ve never had one before, though, you may not know what to expect. Here are a few points to know before your appointment.

What You Should Know Before Getting a Filling

1. You Have Filling Options

You might think your only option for a filling is the typical silver or dark filling that so many people have; however, these days you have several options. The amalgam fillings that are made from a mixture of metals were the most common for years, but modern dentists typically offer alternatives such as composite, porcelain, or gold fillings.

Most dentists recommend composite fillings, which are the same color as your tooth. Gold fillings are the most expensive, but they also last the longest. Composite and porcelain fillings blend in with your teeth, but they don’t last as long and may need to be replaced every 10 years or so. 

2. You Should Not Feel Pain

dentistFor most people, the most unpleasant part of getting a filling is the injection of anesthetic at the beginning of the procedure. Apart from that momentary shot, the most discomfort you’re likely to experience is a slightly sore jaw from keeping your mouth open during the procedure. Rarely, you might feel some discomfort if the tooth gets too dry during the procedure, but a skilled dentist will ensure you’re as comfortable as possible.

3. You Can Eat Normally After Getting a Filling 

 While you might have some mild sensitivity for a few hours after getting a filling — along with some tingling sensations as the anesthesia wears off — you can eat and drink right away. However, if your bite feels different, call your dentist, as the filling may need to be adjusted to prevent future issues. 


If you have tooth pain and suspect you need a filling, contact Darr Dentistry in Thomasville, NC. In addition to general and preventive density, they offer teeth whitening and other cosmetic treatments to keep your smile bright. Call (336) 475-1614 to schedule an appointment with a dentist, and visit their website for more information about the practice.

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