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5 Auto Maintenance Tasks You Should Leave to a Professional November 15, 2019

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5 Auto Maintenance Tasks You Should Leave to a Professional, Meriden, Connecticut

As a vehicle owner, you’re always looking for ways to reduce car-related expenses, so it’s often tempting to perform maintenance and repairs on your own. Doing so, however, can sometimes result in more harm than good, especially when it comes to more complicated tasks. Below are a few routine auto maintenance tasks best handled by an auto repair shop technician.

Auto Maintenance You Shouldn’t DIY

1. Transmission Care & Repair

The transmission system is one of the most critical components in your car, as well as one of the most complicated. Whether it needs a periodic flush or an extensive inspection, take your vehicle to a reliable auto repair shop where a skilled mechanic can efficiently perform the task. They’re likely to quickly diagnose any operational issues as well because of their expertise, experience, and tools.

2. Suspension Inspection

auto repair shopIf you suspect that your vehicle’s handling is a bit off, have an auto repair shop technician look at the suspension. They may recommend replacing worn-out parts like struts, shocks, and bushings. Let them take care of these fixes — keep in mind that the compressed coil springs in the struts have massive force, and the smallest miscalculation can result in injuries and costly repairs.

3. Electrical Troubles

Electrical system failures are a common issue with vehicles, and the related repairs are best left to professionals. Most electrical problems are interconnected, which makes them tricky to identify and isolate. More often than not, repairing the issues by yourself is unsafe, as you can be harmed while working with live wires and connections.

4. Engine Maintenance

Like the transmission, your vehicle’s engine is a complicated piece of machinery. Tinkering around it or near it may complicate existing problems. Replacing a spark plug or timing belt may seem like an easy DIY maintenance task, but mishaps are highly likely and often result in spending more for fixes to save your vehicle.

5. Airbag Issues

Routine airbag inspections and tests are necessary to keep you and your passengers safe. Instead of performing these tasks on your own, let a licensed auto repair technician handle everything. Similarly, have them do any work on areas near the airbag system, such as the dashboard and steering wheel panels, to avoid affecting the deployment mechanism.



Should you require any of the above maintenance tasks, bring your vehicle to Safe Auto Service. A trusted auto repair shop in Meriden, CT, their skilled technicians offer a range of quality ASE-certified repair and maintenance services, including oil changes, wheel alignment, and engine tune-up, to name a few. Call (203) 237-4311 to set an appointment or view their full list of services online.

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