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3 Holiday Dental Care Tips November 19, 2019

Pearl City, Ewa
3 Holiday Dental Care Tips, Ewa, Hawaii

The holidays pose a risk to your teeth, as each celebration is filled with sweet treats, drinks, and other indulgences that encourage bacteria growth. Avoid an emergency trip to the dentist by using this guide to protect yourself from tooth damage and enamel erosion.

How to Protect Your Teeth During the Holidays

1. Watch What You Eat

Enjoy sugary snacks in moderation, and be picky about which ones you have and when to eat them. For example, eat sweet treats at mealtimes, not throughout the day. Saliva production is increased when you eat a full meal, and it’ll neutralize food acids and wash away leftover debris.

dentistAvoid hard candy canes and anything sweet and sticky that may get stuck in your mouth. These treats can become lodged between teeth, giving bacteria plenty of time to feed on them and produce tooth-damaging acid.

2. Don’t Drink Too Much

Many festive alcoholic beverages, like eggnog and mulled wine, are sweet or acidic, which can be damaging to your tooth enamel. Limit the number of beverages you enjoy at holiday parties, and drink water alongside the libations to wash away sugars and acids.

3. Maintain Your Routine

Brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss at night, even if you’re tired from the festivities. Slip a pack of sugar-free gum into your pocket or purse, and pop a piece after every meal to produce saliva that will wash away food debris. If you’re traveling for the holidays, pack mouthwash in your carry-on to swish away bacteria during a long flight.


If you want more tips on how you can maintain your teeth during the holidays, contact the knowledgeable team at Oahu Dental Care in Hawaii. These dentists are committed to helping their patients maintain healthy, beautiful smiles, offering routine cleanings, teeth whitening treatments, and veneers. Call (808) 456-5005 to make an appointment at their Aiea office, or dial (808) 456-5005 to speak with a dentist at their Pearl City location. You can also request an appointment online.

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