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How to Protect Your Home With Flood Insurance From Midland Insurance Agency October 1, 2015

Staten Island, New York City, NY
How to Protect Your Home With Flood Insurance From Midland Insurance Agency, Staten Island, New York

No one knows Staten Island and the needs of its residents like Midland Insurance Agency. With more than 15 years serving Richmond County, especially Brooklyn and Staten Island, Midland Insurance Agency has crafted a range of programs and plans to fit the people they serve. If you’re a homeowner or you are looking to be, flood insurance may be at the bottom of your list of things to do, but it shouldn’t be. More and more, damage from storms and rising tides are threatening the Staten Island area, and the home insurance experts at Midland Insurance Agency say you need to act now to be protected later.

Many families and communities are still reeling from the damage of Hurricane Sandy, and Midland Insurance Agency is working so that the same situation is not repeated. The storm served as a wakeup call to residents and policymakers alike who only now are addressing the fact that flooding is the most common natural disaster in the U.S., and not just in coastal areas. With help from Midland Insurance agents and the national flood insurance program, flood insurance has become much more affordable and attainable for all residents of Staten Island. To help in your decision making, there are many resources available to assess your home’s risk, such as the FEMA Flood Map and flood insurance rate maps, both of which are available online and at the Midland Insurance Agency office.

It can be daunting doing the research and comparing rates of different agencies. Spare yourself the hassle; if you’re considering adding flood insurance to your homeowner’s coverage, call Midland Insurance Agency at (347) 705-7912, visit their website, or stop by their office to get your free insurance quote today.