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How Long Does It Take to Become a Certified Nursing Assistant? November 14, 2019

Springfield Gardens, Queens
How Long Does It Take to Become a Certified Nursing Assistant?, Queens, New York

If you’re passionate about helping people and are interested in the medical field, you might consider a career as a certified nursing assistant (CNA). These professionals provide hands-on assistance to patients under the supervision of registered nurses and licensed practical nurses. This guide will break down the main components of a CNA program and where you might work after you’re certified. 

What to Know About Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant

What Is Involved in a CNA Program?

To become a CNA, you will not need to earn a college degree. Rather, you will need to enter a state-sanctioned CNA program. Each program is different, but you will learn the same basic skills during your courses. Most students will take courses on medical conditions, learning about diseases such as diabetes and dementia. You will also need to learn hands-on skills, such as how to take vital signs or assist in bathing procedures. 

How Long Does the Program Take to Complete?

cna programMost CNA programs take between four and 12 weeks to complete. Fortunately, most trade schools offer a variety of program types, so you can pick a session that fits your schedule. Most of the training takes place in a classroom, but your program will outline the breakdown of classroom and clinical instruction. You may be required to complete an externship during your program. At the end of your courses, you will need to take a state exam to earn your CNA credentials.

Where Do CNAs Typically Work?

Once you finish your CNA program, you can work in a variety of healthcare environments. Many CNAs work in hospitals, outpatient clinics, and nursing homes. You can also get a job working for an agency as an in-home caretaker for seniors or people with limited mobility. The program instructors can provide more guidance as to what career option might be best for you. Some graduates may also pursue additional education to become registered nurses or other types of healthcare professionals.



If you’re interested in becoming a CNA, the team at IGBANS Institute of Vocational Training offers a CNA program to support your career goals. Residents in Springfield Gardens, NY, can take advantage of their home health aide and CNA training programs, choosing one that fits their schedule. Students will experience instruction in classroom and clinical settings, receiving real-world experience through an externship. Learn more about their programs online or call (718) 276-8100 with any questions.

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