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A Guide to Test Driving Used Cars November 14, 2019

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A Guide to Test Driving Used Cars , Barron, Wisconsin

A quality used car can provide you with a unique vehicle while saving you from paying top-dollar at a car dealership. With selections and quality to rival the new models on the lot, the perfect pre-owned car is easy to find when you know what to look for. To ensure you are getting the best deal, make sure to test drive any vehicles you might be interested in.

5 Steps for Successfully Test Driving a Used Car

1. Inspect It

Walk around the car to look for rust or other signs of damage. Carefully check tires for quality treads and wear, as balding can indicate alignment issues, and make sure to look underneath the car for fluid leaks.

Don’t forget to check under the hood. The engine should be free of excessive dirt and grime, and the battery terminals should also be clean. Once inside the cabin, check windows, door locks, heat & AC, seats, and the dashboard for proper operation.

2. Try Various Driving Scenarios

Your test drive should simulate as many common driving conditions as possible, to see how the vehicle performs on both highways and surface streets. Drive at a variety of speeds and pay close attention to the car’s responsiveness while steering, braking, and accelerating. Before you exit the vehicle, check out the lights, mirrors, and visibility from the driver’s seat.

3. Listen Carefully

used cars Barron, WIStrange noises are a sign of potential trouble, so listen carefully as you drive. Rattles, squeaks, and clunking may indicate problems with a variety of components, from engines to brakes. Above all, take your time. Your test drive should make you feel comfortable, confident, and excited about your purchase.

4. Ask About Warranties & Certifications

Many used cars come with pre-purchase inspections, certifications, and warranties. Certification indicates a dealership has carefully completed an extensive checklist for function and quality. Warranties may vary for coverage, term, and mileage, so ask your sales representative for details during your test drive.

5. Request an Independent Check-Up

Purchasing a car is a big decision, so don’t be shy about asking for an outside opinion. If possible, bring the vehicle to a trusted local mechanic for an impartial inspection before making a decision.


If you are looking for a great deal on a top-quality used car, the best place to find one is a trusted community dealership. Swant Graber Motors in Barron, WI, has served Northwest Wisconsin and the surrounding areas since 1941. They offer a vast selection of new and pre-owned Chevy®, Dodge®, and Ford® models and provide expert service. Call (715) 537-5657 to find your deal today, and you can also explore their inventory online or connect with them on Facebook for their weekly Friday giveaways. 

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