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5 Tips for New Motorcycle Riders November 19, 2019

Randleman, Randolph
5 Tips for New Motorcycle Riders, Randleman, North Carolina

If you’re like many motorcycle enthusiasts, the thrill of hopping on a bike and cruising down the highway is like no other. However, if you're also a new rider, there are important ways to prepare before heading off on your first ride. To stay safe and keep your motorcycle insurance premiums low, follow these steps.

What Do You Need to Do Before Riding Your First Motorcycle?

1. Research Bike Options

If you’re new to motorcycle riding, consider choosing a bike designed for your beginner needs. Look online and talk with motorcycle dealerships for guidance, but don't feel pressured to buy a one that may not be a good fit. Take into consideration whether your motorcycle will be your primary form of transportation or mostly for leisure, as that could impact your options.

2. Enroll in a Driving Course

New riders are strongly encouraged to take a motorcycle driving course, where you’ll learn the basics about your bike’s operation, how to navigate in inclement weather, and defensive driving techniques. Ask your motorcycle insurance provider for approved courses since, if you successfully pass one, you may be eligible for a discount.

3. Buy the Proper Gear

motorcycle insuranceThe most essential piece of equipment when riding a motorcycle will be your helmet. In most states, riders are even required to wear one. While there's a wide range of options available, select one that provides the best safety features and fit. Also, invest in durable gloves and a jacket as added protection.

4. Register Your Bike

Once you’ve selected and bought your new motorcycle, you must register it. The rules and fees vary in each state, so check out North Carolina’s department of motor vehicles website for the most current requirements. There, you’ll also find information on getting a motorcycle license, which is different from a driver’s license.

5. Get Motorcycle Insurance

At the very least, you'll likely be required to secure motorcycle insurance liability protection. In most states, this coverage pays for damage and injuries sustained by others in an accident that you cause. If your bike is new and being financed by a bank or other lender, you may also be required to purchase collision and comprehensive insurance. Collision picks up the tab for damages in a collision-related accident, while comprehensive deals with vandalism, fire, and other non-collisions.


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