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4 Tree Care Needs for Fall November 13, 2019

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4 Tree Care Needs for Fall, Asheboro, North Carolina

Because the weather gets colder in the fall, landscaping requires different efforts from you than it does during the growing season. This is especially true for trees. If you take good care of them now, they’ll be even healthier when the weather warms up. All you need to do is remember a few tips. 

4 Ways to Take Care of Your Trees in the Fall 

1. Provide Nutrition 

Despite the South’s possibility of snow, it can be as difficult for trees to get water in the fall and winter as it is during a summer drought. Once or twice a week, water the area around your tree when the ground is cool. Morning is usually the perfect time.

They’ll also retain moisture better if you spread mulch a short distance away from the trunk. Make sure the mulch doesn’t contain small wood chips, which are too acidic to be healthy for young trees.

To prevent the leaves from drying out, cover them with anti-desiccants. Finally, apply fertilizer to the roots in late fall. Doing so when they go dormant can be just as beneficial as it is in the spring. 

2. Protect Them 

By wrapping your trees, you’ll shield them from sunscald, which is especially important if they’re only a few years old. 

landscapingAdditionally, rake fallen leaves regularly, as they can attract mold and fungus that can cause your trees to become diseased.  

3. Prune the Branches 

Tree trimming prevents dead or dying branches from falling during seasonal storms or winds and causing property destruction or bodily injury. This is a little easier after the summer since it’s easier to spot problem limbs when leaves aren’t in the way.  

4. Remove Pests 

Borers, caterpillars, aphids, leafminers, and other insects are known for making homes inside your trees and eating their leaves throughout the spring and summer. Fall is an ideal time to apply insecticide to get rid of them because the trees are going dormant.


For professional help with taking care of your trees and other landscaping needs this fall and winter, contact Steve Hinesley and Co. Inc. in Asheboro, NC. From tree pruning to general care, they’ll help beautify your property. Their 12-month contracts allow them to use their considerable expertise to keep your trees healthy and thriving throughout the year. To schedule a visit, call their offices at either (336) 953-4600 or (336) 886-9542. Learn more about their services online

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