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3 Safety Tips for Heating Your Home December 1, 2019

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3 Safety Tips for Heating Your Home, Coolville, Ohio

Along with having a reliable homeowners insurance policy in place, you should also safeguard your home against fire. With winter on the horizon, fire risks often increase due to the operation of home heating equipment, fireplaces, and wood stoves. Consider the following tips on how you can keep your home and family safe all winter long.

How to Reduce Your Home’s Fire Risk This Winter

1. Perform Routine Maintenance on Your Furnace

Along with being highly inconvenient when a breakdown occurs, a lack of proper maintenance can also be hazardous. The hearth needs to be cleared regularly, and fires should never be left unattended until they have completely gone out. Have your furnace inspected periodically and take care of small problems before they escalate. 

2. Be Careful With Your Wood-Burning Stove

homeowners insurance Coolville, OHBe selective about the wood you use to fuel your wood-burning stove. Use a hardwood, such as oak or ash, and make sure it’s well-seasoned and adequately air-dried. Clean the stove and chimney at least once per year with a wire brush to prevent creosote buildup, which is a highly combustible residue that may accumulate on the interior.

3. Make Fireplace Safety a Priority

While a fireplace can warm your home, it shouldn’t be used in place of other heating equipment. Don’t keep a fire burning for more than five hours at a time. Once the fire has burned out, wait a few days before removing the ashes to prevent secondary fires related to smoldering. Keep kids and pets away from the fireplace at all times.


While you can take preventive steps to keep you and your family safe, your homeowners insurance policy is there to protect you in case the unexpected happens. Simmons Insurance Group of Southeastern Ohio has provided dependable service to clients for more than four decades. When it comes to protecting your home, they’ll help you find homeowners insurance that is both affordable as well as comprehensive. That’s the advantage you get when working with an independent insurance company. Schedule a consultation at their Coolville, OH, location today by calling (740) 667-3111, or you can visit them online to get started on your quote.

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