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3 Ways to Help Aging Parents During the Holidays November 11, 2019

Downtown Henderson, Henderson
3 Ways to Help Aging Parents During the Holidays, Henderson, Kentucky

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, you may be wondering how to help your aging parents enjoy the celebrations without causing them undue stress. It’s easier than you may think to include seniors in holiday festivities, especially with the help of an in-home caregiver. Here are three simple ideas to make the holidays fun for your parents so they don’t feel lost or left out.

Holiday How-Tos for Aging Parents

1. Foster a Festive Atmosphere

Get your aging parents into the holiday spirit by creating a festive atmosphere in their home. Play their favorite holiday music, put up decorations, and bake some tasty Christmas cookies with them. Help them recreate some of their favorite traditions from years past. They’ll enjoy sharing their memories with friends and family. An in-home caregiver will help you decorate and bake and serve holiday treats to keep the cheer going throughout the season.

2. Keep Them Company

caregiverArrange for plenty of visits to keep them company. Don’t let seniors feel isolated during the holiday season. Make sure they know you want to spend time with them. Bring your children, nieces, and nephews on visits. Children can help spread the holiday spirit.

Enlist an in-home caregiver’s help to transport your parents to and from family gatherings, celebratory dinners, and religious services.

3. Ensure Their Comfort

Remember, seniors may tire quickly from holiday excess. Don’t schedule too many activities or set unrealistic expectations. Take steps to control the noise levels at dinner to help hearing-impaired seniors converse, and don’t overwhelm them with the presence of too many guests.


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