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4 Signs Your Loved One Might Be a Hoarder November 14, 2019

North Side, Mount Vernon
4 Signs Your Loved One Might Be a Hoarder, Mount Vernon, New York

Hoarding is an obsessive-compulsive disorder characterized by individuals who struggle to part with items. A hoarder may hold onto newspapers, empty containers, and even trash due to an inability to throw them away. If you suspect your loved one may need hoarder cleanout services, here are a handful of signs to look out for.

What Are Some Signs of Hoarding?

1. Accumulation of Junk

There are distinct differences between clutter and hoarding. While clutter is the average accumulation of belongings that have at least some value or significance, hoarding involves a buildup of items that usually have no value and most people would consider junk.

2. Unusable Home Spaces

hoarder cleanoutAs clutter and junk collect in a hoarder's home, several areas may become unusable or unlivable. There might be piles of items on top of countertops, couches, and beds. Objects might also block doors or take up entire rooms and hallways.

3. Health & Safety Hazards

Another distinctive sign of hoarding is when the accumulation of items begins to present health and safety hazards to the residents. For instance, you might notice tall stacks of boxes or magazines that could fall and injure people, or an accumulation of takeout containers or dirty dishes that are attracting pests.

4. Lack of Organization

There's typically no rhyme or reason to a hoarder's clutter. You may observe random items piled up in rooms they don't belong in, or objects seemingly tossed somewhere with no thought. Hoarders usually have trouble locating their belongings due to this lack of organization.


If you have a friend or family member who needs hoarder cleanout services, get in touch with Angelo's Junk Removal in Mount Vernon, NY. For over 10 years, they’ve provided junk hauling and trash removal to clients throughout Westchester County and areas of New Jersey. Call (914) 513-8458 to get a quote on hoarder cleanout services and book an appointment, or visit them online to learn more about how they can clear your property of unwanted items.

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