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3 Possible Reasons Why Your Car Battery Is Dying December 6, 2019

Oak Harbor, Island
3 Possible Reasons Why Your Car Battery Is Dying , Oak Harbor, Washington

A car battery supplies electricity to the starter so that the engine will turn on. If the battery constantly dies, you’ll need to keep the number of a nearby towing company in the glove compartment or hope that someone driving by can provide a jump start. To avoid this issue altogether, practice positive auto maintenance, and seek an auto mechanic for help. Below, learn what auto habits to modify and a few possible reasons why the battery can’t keep a charge. 

3 Reasons Your Car Battery Keeps Dying

1. Leaving the Headlights On

Although you should turn headlights on at dusk and during treacherous weather, don’t forget to turn them off when you park. Keeping the lights illuminated for long periods of time drains power from the battery. The same is true when dome lights inside the cabin are kept on. Remember to check and manually switch off lights that don’t operate on timers. 

2. Driving During Extreme Temperatures

auto mechanicThe weather plays a part in how the battery performs. It’s not uncommon to experience issues during sweltering heatwaves and frigid cold spells. For example, when temperatures dip to 32 degrees Fahrenheit, the part can lose 35 percent of its strength. When it’s hot outside, heat rises under the hood. High temperatures can make any deterioration inside the battery worse. Due to evaporation, moisture can leak into the liquid electrolyte, which is a solvent that helps give a battery its charge. Old and damaged batteries are most susceptible to temperature damage, so have an auto mechanic replace the part if it’s between three and five years old or older. 

3. Plugging in Electrical Devices

In addition to lights, the battery provides power to any electronic devices plugged into the dashboard. This can be a problem if you often spend hours in the car with a GPS system mounted to the dash or a smartphone plugged into the car charger. When the engine is off, the devices will keep pulling energy from the battery. That’s why the battery might be dead when you get behind the wheel. Limiting the use of electronics in the car and remembering to unplug them before you get out should prevent these problems.


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