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Why You Should Schedule a Dental Exam Now If You Have Insurance November 19, 2019

Dunkirk, Chautauqua
Why You Should Schedule a Dental Exam Now If You Have Insurance, Dunkirk, New York

With the holiday season approaching, it’s easy to get caught up in errands. However, it’s worth your time to schedule an appointment with your dentist before the end of the year. Here’s why it will be in your best interest to use your dental insurance benefits before January.

How Dental Insurance Works

Most dental care plans run through the calendar year. This means that coverage is good through December 31st. If you do not use your benefits by then, they will not roll over into the new year. To continue coverage, you must re-enroll.

dunkirk dentistThe deductible is also determined for the calendar year; this is the out-of-pocket sum you pay before your insurance coverage kicks in. Since the average deductible for dental insurance is very low, you likely already met yours if you had dental work done this year. This means your policy may fully cover the costs of your next exam in 2019.

How to Make the Most of Your Plan

Insurance providers understand that preventive care is much more affordable than treatment, which is why many will provide more coverage for cleanings and other routine procedures. Use that to your advantage by scheduling teeth cleanings and checkups with your dentist once every six months, even if you haven’t noticed any unusual oral health symptoms.

The last couple weeks of the year get busy with holiday closures and people trying to squeeze in their last appointments, so schedule your checkup as soon as possible.


Every family member can get their final appointment of the year done at North Chautauqua Dental PC in Dunkirk, NY. Since 1980, this dentist has been proudly providing a full array of preventive and cosmetic dentistry services. They accept most insurance plans, helping you secure an affordable rate. See their full list of services online and call (716) 366-6822 to schedule your appointment.

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