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What Is Color Management? June 29, 2020

Crescent Springs, Covington
What Is Color Management?, Covington, Kentucky

When your business revolves around creating and reproducing high-quality images, you want to make sure you have complete control over the way the pictures look. This includes ensuring that the colors represented in your original image stay the same throughout the entire process. Known as color management, it can help make sure that your pictures look the same across all photo equipment, including your camera, computer, and printer.

Your Guide to Color Management

What Is It?

photo equipmentColor management involves knowing the capabilities of each piece of photo equipment you have and using this knowledge to match the look across the different devices. Without color management, the computer monitor may not display the same colors that you saw on the digital camera, and the printer may produce an image in completely different hues. The process characterizes the shades produced by each device, standardizes them to a set of reference colors, and translates them between each device, so the image stays consistent no matter how you choose to use it. The process is completed through the use of colorimeters or spectrophotometers and associated software.

Why Is It Important?

Color management is particularly important to photographers who want their images and edits to remain consistent across all of their photo equipment. However, several creative professions need color management to produce high-quality work. Some of these include designers, videographers, printers, and retouchers. Primarily, any business that involves creating images for customers can benefit from keeping colors consistent across all devices, thereby ensuring that your clients don’t expect something different from what you produce.

How do you do This?

K & R has been working with advanced Color Management since the days when many described CM as “Smoke & Mirrors”.  We were working with very expensive Spectrometers and equally expensive ($3500+) software and spending a lot of time reading and tweaking the results to get the results everybody wanted and expected.

Today Color Management has progressed to a point where the equipment is better, less expensive and easier to use.  We sell & support CM systems and can train you in how to use your equipment, or rent ours, or we are always willing to help with settings and questions that you may have about how, why and when to apply CM to improve your results.  CM can & does improve color from Cameras to Software to Monitors to Printers.


Make color management across your photo equipment a breeze by contacting K & R Photographics in Ft. Mitchell, KY. This leading imaging and camera store has been serving the photographers of the Ohio-Indiana-Kentucky tri-state area and beyond since 1975. Whether you want to hire a K & R professional to complete your color management for you or you’d like to learn how to do it yourself, these photography experts can help. Hire them for a one-time color management service or rent the equipment from them and take advantage of their paid training. Learn more about this service online or call (859) 341-6986 for more information.

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