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3 Problems That Require Prompt Car Repairs November 12, 2019

Loveland, Hamilton
3 Problems That Require Prompt Car Repairs, Loveland, Ohio

One of the best ways to stay safe on the road and preserve your vehicle is knowing when you shouldn’t drive. When car trouble arises, it may be tempting to keep driving until you can get the problem fixed. However, temporarily avoiding inconvenience could permanently damage your car and stick you with costly car repair bills. The guide below explains three times you shouldn’t drive your vehicle.

3 Signs That You Need Immediate Car Repairs

1. Squeaking Belt

A high-pitched squeaking, whining, or chirping coming from under the hood is a sign that one of your belts is breaking down. The engine has a timing belt to help drive the camshaft and a serpentine belt that carries power throughout the engine. Over time, these belts begin to degrade, and if they snap, they could cause damage to engine components and leave your car without power.

2. Dead Headlight

car repairJust because this fix is simple doesn’t mean it isn’t serious. Driving with a dead headlight doesn’t just make it harder to navigate at night—it also puts you at risk of a ticket. If you need to drive somewhere at night, but your headlight is out, borrow a friend’s car or use public transportation. Then, you can drive to your car repair provider in the daylight.

3. Smoke

Smoke can come from your vehicle for many reasons, but none of them are good, and you shouldn’t drive if the car starts smoking. If it’s coming from under the hood, oil may be leaking and burning. Smoke from the wheels could indicate a jammed brake caliper that’s burning its pad, while excess smoke from the exhaust may be caused by leaking coolant or gasoline flooding the engine.


Ken Marcotte’s Professional Auto Service in Loveland, OH, should be your first stop for any automotive concerns. Whether you need a routine oil change, wheel alignment, or a more serious car repair, their team of ASE certified mechanics will fully communicate what work needs to be done. To schedule service, call (513) 683-7852 and learn more about their offerings online.

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