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Fight Diabetes With One-On-One Personal Training From Exude Fitness October 1, 2015

Midtown East, Manhattan
Fight Diabetes With One-On-One Personal Training From Exude Fitness, Manhattan, New York

Exude Fitness is the world's leading weight loss program. Based on hard science and proven medical research, this innovative approach to personal fitness meets you where you are and helps you achieve the results that you want in both aesthetics and health. If you're ready to work with the best fitness trainer around and challenge your body to its highest potential, Exude Fitness has the perfect exercise program for you.

Are you struggling with diabetes? Exude Fitness can help. With years of experience working with the American Diabetes Association (ADA), these expert trainers know how to help you avoid, fight and overcome diabetes, one step at a time. Whether you're a Type II Diabetic, or you're interested in preventing diabetes altogether, let Exude Fitness devise a plan based on your body type, lifestyle and personal goals to keep your body healthy from the inside out. Here's how they do it:

  • Develop A Plan: After analyzing your body shape and discussing your preferred exercise routine, Exude Fitness will provide you with an experienced personal trainer with the know-how to execute the proper plan to improve your health.
  • Get You Moving: In order to decrease your blood sugars and promote a healthy lifestyle, Exude Fitness will guide you through aerobic and anaerobic exercises, along with stretching and strength-training activities to build muscle mass and improve flexibility.
  • Help You Eat Right: Since Exude Fitness is committed to complete body health, their trained instructors will assist you in your journey with diabetes to ween you off of medications and encourage healthy eating habits to ward off diabetes once and for all.


Exude Fitness understands diabetes, and they know all the right exercises to fight it. Start your personal training program today by calling (212) 644-9559, or visit their website for more information. All workouts are located at Bliss 49 Spa in Manhattan and are by appointment only.